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Blog Expert Tips for Maintaining Your New Floors for Years to Come Apr 05, 2024

Congratulations on your new floors from Cut a Rug Flooring Installation! We understand that investing in new flooring is a big decision, and you want to ensure that your investment lasts for years to come. To help you with that, we have put together some expert tips for maintaining your new floors.

1. Regular Cleaning: One of the most important things you can do to maintain your new floors is to keep them clean. Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may need to sweep, vacuum, or mop regularly. For hardwood floors, avoid using excessive water when mopping, as water can damage the wood over time.

2. Use the Right Cleaning Products: When cleaning your floors, make sure to use the right cleaning products that are safe for your specific type of flooring. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can cause damage or discoloration.

3. Protect Your Floors: To prevent scratches and dents on your floors, use furniture pads or area rugs in high-traffic areas. Be cautious when moving heavy furniture or sharp objects across the floor, as these can easily damage the surface.

4. Control Humidity Levels: Excess moisture can be damaging to certain types of flooring, such as hardwood or laminate. Use a dehumidifier to control humidity levels in your home, especially during humid months.

5. Trim Pet Nails: If you have pets at home, make sure to trim their nails regularly to prevent scratches on your floors. Consider placing a mat near the entrance for your pets to wipe their paws before entering the house.

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance: It is important to schedule regular maintenance for your floors to keep them looking their best. Consider hiring a professional flooring service company like Cut a Rug Flooring Installation for deep cleaning or refinishing when needed.

7. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause discoloration and fading of certain types of flooring, such as hardwood or vinyl. Consider using window treatments or UV-protective films to prevent sun damage.

8. Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: Lastly, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and care of your specific type of flooring. Different types of flooring have different maintenance requirements, so it is important to read and follow the guidelines provided.

By following these expert tips for maintaining your new floors, you can enjoy beautiful and long-lasting flooring for years to come. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact Cut a Rug Flooring Installation. We are here to help you with all your flooring needs!

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